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Standing in the checkout line at the grocery
Counting the collection of coins in my hand
When I realize there's not quite enough to
purchase my roll of 2-ply.
So I put the vegetables back on the magazine rack
And the chopped meat over by the gum display
Is this anyway to live my life
I wonder sometimes.
But tonight everything is gonna change
Me and the boys are gonna hop into the minivan
Bellow out a battle cry, checkered flag to the sky
Let's go pay a friendly visit...

Look out Delaware we're taking over
Someone tell the first state to watch its ever-loving back
The police will just stop and stare
Even the national guard don't care
Kings of Dela - Kings of Delaware!

Visiting the statehouse everybody laughed at us
Couldn't run for governor because there's eight of us?
So we're not on the ballot officially
Looks like we'll have to get militant
We have devised a top-secret strategy
Incorporating wood davers, pygmy marmosets
A jet-powered ferris wheel loaded with artillery
Storming the border at midnight
Delaware shall tremble as we individually
Beat the living crap out of their state government
Knock on the door it's a singing telegram
Blaring horns and mass destruction!

[People of Delaware, lay down your arms... come quietly, and no one will be hurt]

**Instrumental depicting conflict

VICTORY! Our conquest is complete
And the People's Third-Wave Republic of Ska
Stands proudly on the eastern coast.
Cut scene to the throne room.
Now we're living life in the lap of luxury
Reggie's patrolling the borders with a baseball bat
Making up laws, free food, red-haired slave girls,
and a theme park!
But... here's the surprise that nobody realized
Someone explain why we're dying of boredom here
and nobody tried to fight back? Ohhhhhh.....

Screw you Delaware we're going home now
Someone tell the people we decided to give it back
The police will just stop and stare
Even the national guard don't care
Kings of Dela - Kings of Dela -

Look out Rhode Island we're taking over
Someone tell the smallest state to that we can't find it on the map
The police will just stop and stare
Even the national guard don't care
Kings of Dela - Kings of Dela -
Kings of Dela - Kings of Dela... where?


from .​.​.​Makes Another Record!, released May 31, 2014
Jay Butkowski - lead vocals, megaphone
Rob Nelson - trumpet
Greg Grispart - tenor / alto sax
Dave Rattner - trombone
Reggie Dizon - keyboards
Rob Butkowski - rhythm & lead guitar
Dayv Frost - bass guitar, vocals
Mike Lamagna - drums



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Back Up Jackson New Jersey

Jersey Ska band Back Up Jackson was formed in the winter of 2001 and has played colleges and clubs, bars and backyards, bringing their mix of high-energy virtuosity and eclectic influences to audiences in Central Jersey and beyond. The band blends elements of third-wave ska, jazz, blues, R&B, rock, and punk to create a sound all their own. ... more

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