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I met her on a park bench on a sunny Sunday afternoon (and she wasn't homeless!)
We held hands into the evening, watched the sun set and gazed at the moon (huh huh huh... moon...)
But then when she suggested that she introduce me to her friend… (Uh-oh, friend-zoned!)... oh no!
Well that’s when I decided I would never fall in love again

That girl from the punk rock show, it turned out she’s only seventeen (and three quarters... that part's very important)
I whipped out my dictionary and looked up what “statutory” means (::cough, cough:: jail-bait ::cough, cough::)
Now I know the definition but it thought it might be fun to pretend... (okay, it's very creepy)... oh no!
Well that’s when I decided I would never fall in love again

They say that luck in cards never quite translates out to luck in love
But there’s no use in complaining ‘til you find the one you’re dreaming of
Someday I'll find her, but...

The cutie at the diner always treated me especially sweet (in fact, she was downright... sour)
So, imagine my surprise she wrote her phone number on my receipt (Digits... score!)
But when she dropped the bomb and said she's moving to Algiers with her ex... (Where the $@%# is Algiers?!)... oh no!
Well that’s when I decided it’s okay to just be used for sex

Perhaps I should be grateful that I'm such an indispensable friend... (I'm not!)... oh no! (Indispensable? Grateful.)
And that’s why I’ve decided I would never fall in love again

::ad-lib rant to the end::


from .​.​.​Makes Another Record!, released May 31, 2014
Jay Butkowski - lead vocals, harmonica
Rob Nelson - trumpet
Greg Grispart - tenor sax
Dave Rattner - trombone
Reggie Dizon - keyboards
Chris Butkowski - rhythm guitar
Dayv Frost - bass guitar, vocals
Mike Lamagna - drums



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Back Up Jackson New Jersey

Jersey Ska band Back Up Jackson was formed in the winter of 2001 and has played colleges and clubs, bars and backyards, bringing their mix of high-energy virtuosity and eclectic influences to audiences in Central Jersey and beyond. The band blends elements of third-wave ska, jazz, blues, R&B, rock, and punk to create a sound all their own. ... more

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